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Shauna Hill first became licensed to practice law in New Mexico in 1999, then in Nevada in 2009. Shauna began her career in Socorro New Mexico as prosecutor where she conducted numerous jury trials. Shauna Hill continued as a prosecutor until 2004 when she joined Robert Hill at his own firm in Las Cruces New Mexico. Their firm in Las Cruces New Mexico handled a wide variety of cases ranging from Criminal Defense to Personal Injury to Family Law. In 2006, they shut down their New Mexico office and moved to Las Vegas Nevada. In 2009, Shauna opened her own office which is now The Hill Law Group. 

Shauna Hill, Esq.

Shauna Hill

Attorney of Law



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  Robert Hill obtained his first license to practice law in New Mexico in 1998. He obtained his California license in 2000 and his Nevada license in 2003. In New Mexico, Robert started out as a prosecutor in Socorro New Mexico. After a few years, they moved to Las Cruces New Mexico where he opened his own office handling different types of cases ranging from criminal defense to personal injury. In 2005, they moved to Las Vegas Nevada. At this time, The Hill Law Group is a small office dedicated to your personal needs.  

   We understand that when you need an attorney, things may be stressful for you. That is why we strive to help you deal with whatever legal issue you may be facing. You need to understand your rights and the legal process. That is our job! We are here to help you know and understand your rights and options. We appreciate the opportunity to help you.

Robert Hill, Esq.

Robert Hill

Attorney of Law



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